Firewood King

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Here at Lake Ann Hardwoods we stack our pulp wood 8 months or more before we start processing it into your split firewood, but we still encourage you to order your firewood in the spring so your wood is split open all summer. It dries much better this way and will give off maximum heat. We cut 16" but can accomodate any length you need.


Our slabwood loads are somewhat smaller pieces than our split hardwood. This works well for filling voids and is a great inexpensive substitute that works great for shops or outdoor fires where longevity of burn is not important. The loads have about 6 face cords each. Delivery is always available. Call for pricing.


This wood is for the do it yourself-er. We deliver 7 pulp cord loads (at this time) This is the longer lengths so you can cut your own and get a little exercise before burning season. The diameter of these logs are 4" to 10" and the lengths may be 8 - 12 feet. We unload with a clam arm so your wood is stacked nice and right where you want it.