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Don't get tricked by a sales pitch! We have the BEST firewood you can get to fit your needs! We have 2 different kinds of firewood processors to make sure we have the best processed wood for you! Clean firewood is so important to us that we even upgraded our own equipment to provide you with the cleanest, even burning hardwoods that you can find in Indiana, and all surrounding states. We have went to the extreme to import multiple wood processors internationally. Our Bells wood processor that we have imported internationally, is the fastest cutting wood processor, that can cut up to 9 ricks per hour. We split the firewood twice to ensure you that it is a perfect size for a person to handle when refilling their firepit. This wood processor also has a built in firewood cleaner to insure that your firewood comes with limited debris, and trash. Our quality is important to us to make sure you have the best wood!

All of our

firewood is cut to a uniform 16" length.

The only standard measurement of

firewood is a cord. A cord is 128

cubic feet - 4'x8'x4'. A rick is any

subset of a cord. Our ricks are

4'x8'x16" (1/3 of a cord).

All of our firewood is hardwoods

- no softwoods at all. Moisture

content is 18% or less.

This makes for a dry wood

that will burn well.

Firewood Processor
Hard at work, firewood crew
Firewood processing
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