Firewood FAQ

Q: How Big is a Rick? 

A: A rick of wood approximate measures 8 foot long and 4 foot high.  Each stick of wood we process is 16-18" long, so that would be the depth

Q: Can I fit a rick in my mini-van?

A: Possibly, with all of the seats folded down.  It's a little messy though, so you might just want to have it delivered.


Q: How big is a Cord?

A: A rick of wood approximately measures 8 foot long and 4 foot high with 4 feet of depth.  The best way to understand it's size is stack 3 Ricks back to back, which makes a cord.

Q:  Will A Rick or A Cord fit in my pickup truck?

A: A Rick will as long as you are not moving your friends mattress at the same time.  A Cord would be too large and would require the rental of a small trailer from U-Haul etc.

Q: How much is in one of your BULK Bags?

A: A Rick and a little more in some cases fits in our Bulk Bag, which can be loaded at no additional charge into your truck or trailer.  You will need to supply cargo straps to secure your load, or unload some of the wood from the top of the bag to secure from tipping.

Q: Do you guys stack?

A: Yes, for additional fees which can be explained in our pricing section.

Q: Can you dump the wood in my backyard?

A: If your yard is accessible by pavement, yes.  Otherwise, you will need to have dumped on your driveway for the delivery fee.  Additional Delivery Costs are incurred if we have to place the wood anywhere besides dumped on your driveway.  The dump bed needs to be able to elevate as well, so dumping underneath eaves will not be possible.

Q: Is their a way I can get a sample of wood?

A. Yes! We offer small bundles of wood to sample, for pick up only! Select woods are $20.00, and mixed hardwoods are $10.00.

Q: Do you accept cash or check?

A: We accept cash for pick up only, we do not accept checks for pickup or delivery. We accept all major credit/debit cards.