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Our Hardwoods: Hickory, Beech, Walnut, Oak, Cherry, and Ash

2024 Rates!

Seasoned Hardwoods!
Mixed Hardwoods $125.00 per rick, $375.00 per cord 
Ash Hardwoods $150.00 per rick, $450.00 per cord
Hickory Hardwoods $160.00 per rick, $480.00 per cord
Walnut Hardwoods $160.00 per rick, $480.00 per cord
Oak Hardwoods $160.00 per rick, $480.00 per cord
Beech Hardwoods $160.00 per rick, $480.00 per cord
Cherry Hardwoods $200.00 per rick, $600.00 per cord

Order today, the sale will be ending soon!

Wood Pricing for Pickup

1 rick mixed hardwoods-$125- quarter rick price $50

1 rick specialty woods-$200- quarter rick price $75 (original rates)

Any fraction of a rick is priced by the quarter rick. If you order 1 1/2 ricks of mixed wood, the price is NOT 1 1/2 times $125, it would be $130 plus the cost of 2 quarter ricks ($220).

Not sure what kind of select wood you would like? Come pick up a small bag for $25, or a bag of regular hardwoods for $15 to sample! This is available for pick up only! (Currently Unavailable

We can deliver 2 different types of wood to one customer. When we have 2 ricks of different wood, we change a $10 deposit for a big bag. That way we keep one rick in the bag and the other rick loose. The 2 types of wood have a better chance of staying separated and the customer can identify the differences better. If you do not want to pay the $10 deposit for the bag, then we can dump the wood, but it will be mixed up when dumped.

This does not apply if there are different types of wood and the order is 3 or more ricks. 3 or more ricks will get dumped in together, and mixed up when dumped.

Delivery Pricing

- Our standard delivery fee for a rick or cord is $50 for the first 5 miles, and $2/miles for every mile over the initial 5 miles. A surcharge fee may apply.

- We also charge an additional $10 for each extra rick. (1 rick delivered 6 miles away has a $52 delivery charge. A cord to the same address has a $72 delivery charge)

- If you want part of the delivery dumped at one address and part at another address, we add the extra miles and include that in the delivery price. So, a delivery 5 miles away is $50, but if the rest is dumped 3 miles away, We charge extra for the 3 miles, with a $10 minimum dumped.

Stacking Prices:

- We charge $75/ man hour for stacking. In most cases (depending on how far your rack system is located) 1 rick can be stacked in 1 hour. All stacking pricing is subject to change and a credit will need to be on file in the instance of a necessary change order. At times a more laborious request extends our efforts in stacking, and we will send you a receipt.

Our Hardwoods

Sawdust: $20 (25.42 cubic feet) perfect for live stock bedding

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